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8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40 

The new automotive motor oil 8100 Ester
E-Tech 0W-40 represents the best of Motul's
know-how, based on its years of experience
in competition and its knowledge of
Ester-based synthesis technology. 
Specially developed for the powerful engines
of the latest generation, 8100 offers
exceptional lubrication from the moment the
engine is turned on. It's 100 % synthetic
Ester-based formula, its specific anti-friction
additives ans its extended viscosity grade
protect the engine under all operating
Protection of the engine, reduced oil
consumption, better mileage...8100 Ester
E-Tech 0W-40 is a veritable concentrate of
Motul technology, offering today's car
owners peak vehicle performance and
worry-free driving. 






8100 Ester E-Tech offers excellent lubrication. The synthetic Ester based and the specific anti-friction additive greatly increase the resistance of the oil and
reduce engine friction. Especially resistant to shearing and high temperatures, this new formula provides long-lasting protection of the engine while limiting oil consumption. 

The cold viscosity grade (SAE 0W) offers maximum fluidity at low temperatures for perfect lubrication during cold starts. And because less energy is needed after the engine warms up, 8100 Ester E-Tech saves fuel as well. 

Due to polarity of the Ester, an oil film remains on the mechanical parts after the engine is turned off. when it is started up again (the moment when an
engine needs protection most) the lubricant's fluidity and polarity keep wear to a minimum. The engine is perfectly protected, its performance level is
maintained and its longevity increased. 

The hot viscosity grade (SAE 40) meets the current recommendations of the major manufacturers and provides perfect protection of the engine even at
high temperatures. 

A true multi-grade lubricant, 8100 Ester E-Tech is capable of ensuring ideal lubrication from the coldest starts to the highest running temperatures. 


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